Friday, 13 August 2010

Plica Removal and Patellar Chondroplasty: 2 Days Since Surgery

Very sore, tentative and ginger. Stairs are too hard and I can only do them by crabbing. I'm still mostly resting in bed, but doing my physio every couple of hours and pottering about a bit. The swelling is going down quickly (see photo). Mostly I just get soreness, apart from if I rotate the upper leg on top of the lower (e.g when turning without moving feet) and then I sometimes get a sharp pain - exactly where I used to get my flare ups and catching/cracking noise - so I'm avoiding that like the plague :). The cryocuff the hospital gave me (knee sleeve that you fill with ice/water and pump up with air) is brilliant and is really helping to get the swelling down and manage pain .The diclofenac is already starting to irritate my stomach - knew it would. Basically going well - but them I'm not really doing anything....
Day 2


  1. thanks for posting , I had this surgery 3 days ago (in both knees) and I was so relieve to see that you were having the same pain where your plica was removed, as I was starting think the surgery hadnt worked. Its so reasuring to see that you recovered well and that it's just early days for me

    1. Yeah - I guess if they remove something then it shouldn't be surprising that the site of that incision would hurt afterwards. I know that keyhole surgery is easier to recover from - but 3 days is very very early :) I'd say it took a couple of weeks to get back on my feet properly and probably 6 months to be 100%. But two years on I never get any problems in that spot - so good luck and speedy recovery!