Sunday, 10 June 2012

It just takes time...

Realised I hadn't put anything up here for ages - so just a quick update.

Month by month (year by year ..grin) it all just got so much better! Thank god for that operation! Now I swim, play squash, cycle, climb in the mountains.....pretty certain I could run if I wanted to...but I'll never get back to my old new sports is the way to go.

Took a whole to get over the op..I'd say 6 month and then slowly (so that you would not really notice) the stiffness and tendon pain got less and less. So I guess, if there's any lesson for me - the surgery helped but I had to be prepared to change my life/sports and I had to be patient!

Good luck to you and you can always email me if you've got any questions about my experiences


  1. Hi. I just wanted to thank you for posting your progress with your knee surgery. I'm most likely going to have plica surgery soon, and I've heard a ton of horror stories. It's a relief to know it doesn't all end horribly. :)

  2. No probs - glad it was useful. Make sure you follow your post-op physio and don't pressure yourself - just take the time to heal and recover - don't put mental pressure like 'I should be recovered by now' on yourself. Despite it being keyhole surgery I did find it knocked me about quite a bit. Good luck and drop me a line if you have any specific questions about my own personal experience of that op

  3. It really just takes time! It's good to know that you've been doing a lot of fun stuff lately. We're both in the stage of post-surgery when everything is almost as normal as before once again, although I've been pretty scared to do so, but I think it's time for me to enjoy life again.

    Sienna Christie

  4. I'm about to have similar surgery on both knees - thanks so much for this blog, it's a wonderful resource.